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Note: Not All of The Cases Below Are "Clear Cut" Abductions. Cases Where Missing Time Was Reported Are Also Included.

November 17, 2011 - Seattle, Washington
Woman Has Alien Abduction Experience While Driving to Work.

August 30, 2010 - Lees Summit, Missouri
Woman Sees Blue Lights. Has Missing Time Episode

August 28, 2010 - Fort Worth, Texas
Woman Has Terrifying Experience During Middle of Night

July 26 (or 27), 2010 - St. Petersburg, Florida
Man Recalls Terrifying Encounter With Unknown Entities.

July 13, 2010 - Montebello, California
Man Says He Encountered Unknown Entities During Night

February, 2007 - Avondale, Arizona
Teen Felt Compelled to Go Outdoors. He Lost 17 Hours of Time

December 21, 2006 - Ossett, West Yorkshire, England
Two Claim to Have Been Abducted by Alien Entities. Lost 10 Hours Time

April 28, 2006 - Vansant, Virginia
Witness Claims to Have Seen Person Abducted by Being From Flying Saucer

January 15, 2006 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Man Sees Flash of Light & Then Experiences Time Loss

October 30, 2005 - Albion, Indiana
Man Claims Light Beam Tries to Pull Him Towards Machine in Sky!

June 26, 2005 - Pitcairn, Pennsylvania
Bright Light From Object Shines on Man  - Loses Two Hours of Time

April 24, 2005 - Ocean Shores, Washington - Ongoing
Family Bears "Scars" of Alien Abduction?

April 10, 2005- Between Mt. Clemens & Olivet, Michigan
Woman Loses Mysteriously Loses Two Hours in Routine Car Trip

February 19, 2005 - West Springfield, MA
Woman Frightened by Appearance of Bright Lights Outside of Window

Dec. 30, 2003-Dec. 12, 2004 - Eatonville WA/Anchorage, AK
Man Continues to Have Encounters With Mysterious Beings

Early October, 2004 - Omaha, Nebraska
Two Men Terrified by Encounter With Pulsing Ring - Lose 2.5 Hours Time

May 1, 2004 - Lawndale, California 
Man Sees Large UFO Abduct Deer?

April, 1996 - Near Dayton, Nevada
Man Says He Encountered Creatures in a Large Ship - Lost 9 Hours Time

December, 1994 or 1995 - Henderson, Nevada
Youth Sights Boomerang Shaped Craft. Lost 2 Hours of Time

November, 1993
Hunter Experiences Strange Lights and Missing Time - Florida

June or July, 1992 - Houston, Missouri
Retired Police Officer Recalls Night of "Strange Happenings"

June 18, 1990 - Bridgeport, Connecticut
Two Brothers See "Sting Ray" Shaped Object. They Lost 6 Hours of Time

1982 - New Berlin, Wisconsin
Man Sees He Was Abducted by Reptilian Beings

1981 - El Paso, Texas
Man Loses 45 Minutes of Time & Experiences Recurring Nightmares

Fall, 1977 - New England (Location Not Disclosed to Protect Anonymity of Witness)
Woman Recounts Terrifying Abduction Experience

Sep., 1974 - (Reported March 30, 2005) - Phoenix, Arizona
Man Experiences 5 hours of Missing Time & is Teleported 200 Miles

May, 1973 - Foreston, Minnesota
Man Has Encounter With Orange Ball of Light. Has 2 Hours of Missing Time

1973 - Brookfield, Wisconsin
Man Recalls Being Taken Aboard Craft

1973 - New Gloucester, Maine
Man Recalls Terrifying Abduction Experience. He Sustained Physical Injury

May, 1972 - Cotton Valley, Louisiana
Woman & 2 Kids Encounter Disk Shaped Object. Lose 2 Hours of Time

October, 1966 - New Boston, Michigan
After 40 Years Woman Vividly Recalls Terrifying UFO Encounter

March, 1964 - Westchester, Illinois
Man Recalls Incident of "Missing Time" as a Young Boy