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Important (Please Read):

- All Reports Are Treated as Confidential
- No Personal Information is Disclosed in Any Report
- Witness Information May be Shared With Other Researchers
- Any Information Sent (Photos, Videos, & Sketches) May be Posted
- All Phone Interviews Are Recorded.

Tips on Reporting a UFO Sighting

Options For Submission of UFO Report:

1. Use Online Report Form (Preferred)

2. Email Your Report:

- View Guidelines for Emailing UFO Report (PDF)

3. Mail Your Report:
@@UFOs Northwest
@@PO Box 4926
@@Helena, MT 59604-4926

4. Print Report Form and Mail to:
@@UFOs Northwest
@@PO Box 4926
@@Helena, MT 59604-4926

Send Photos, Sketches or Videos (Choose One of Following):

1. Use Online Report Form
2. Use Special File Upload Form
3. Send Via Email Attachment:
Mail to:
@ @UFOs Northwest
@ @PO Box 4926
@@ Helena, MT 59604-4926

Note: UFOs Northwest is a non-profit organization dedicated to studying the UFO phenomenon. Names of witnesses are held confidential.  All pictures, videos, drawings, and reports are posted on this website.  Other researchers may use this information and some groups may use some of this information to produce documentaries, write books, etc.  Therefore some users could profit through sales of these products.  UFOs Northwest assumes no liability for anyone using this information for profit.

Note: Please fill as many as fields as you can. Use the "description of sighting" box to add important information like time of sighting, type of sighting (lights, objects, etc) location of sighting, sound, magnetic effects, direction of sighting, direction of movement of object, etc. Click the SUBMIT button at the end of the form to submit form.

Enter Report Online

Tips on reporting UFO sighting:
We prefer that you use the online UFO questionnaire.  Please follow directions at the beginning of the form.  If you choose not to use the online questionnaire you may E-mail report to us at: 

Drawing, photographs, and videos are extremely useful in investigating UFO sightings.  Even crude drawings are very helpful.  (You don't need to be an artist.)  If possible please sketch your drawing using conventional PC software (like Windows Paint).  "Learn about software financing here." Drawings, digital photos, and digital videos can be sent via email attachment to:  Paper copies of drawings and video tapes, and photographs should be mailed to:

UFOS Northwest
PO Box 4926
Helena, MT 59604-4926

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