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Sighting Reports 2010

Oval Metallic Object Seen in a Clear Daylight Sky

Oxford is About 25 Miles North of Detroit.
Oxford is About 25 Miles North of Detroit.

Date of Sighting: May 18, 2010
Time of Sighting: Noon EDT
Location of Sighting: Oxford, Michigan (See Map)

Description: I was painting the outside of a house and I know that commercial planes flying high up in the air leave a trail. It was a beautiful day, however after painting awhile I looked up in the sky again and I saw this object up in the sky. It was not as high in the sky as the commercial planes were flying. It was maybe half that height and it didn't look like a plane nor did it leave a trail that you see a plane leave behind. The object was of oval shape and it was a metallic color. It didn't move and just sat there. At first I thought that it is a zeppelin, but zeppelins don't fly that high up in the sky since they always have a writing on them or behind them. Without giving a 2nd thought I dipped my brush into the paint can and raised my hand back up to take a better look and the object was gone without a trail. Not even a fighter jet could get away that fast out of my sight since it only took 3 seconds to dip my brush into the paint.

Note: The witness saw an unusual aerial object on a clear day. He compares the object to regular aircraft in the sky and notes significant differences. Lets put this one into the "unidentified" category.

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