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Sighting Reports 2011

Fireball Football Shaped Object Moves Erratically in Night Sky.
Photo Taken.

Enlargement of Photo (About 2X) of Fiery Object.
Enlargement of Photo (About 2X) of Fiery Object.

The Sighting Occurred in a Suburb About 20 Miles Northwest of Downtown of Detroit.
The Sighting Occurred in a Suburb
About 20 Miles Northwest of Downtown of Detroit.

Date of Sighting: September 9, 2011
Time of Sighting: 9 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: West Bloomfield-Farmington Hills, Michigan (See Map)

Description: I saw a single fireball like object. The object drifted below 3,000 feet (the cloud ceiling). It was moving Northeast over the Farmington Hills-WestBloomfield Area. The object stops after coming close to the airline flight path departing Detroit Metro Airport. It hovers for 2 minutes and glides westbound before ascending straight up.

Note: A check of weather conditions confirms the witness's observation that skies were cloudy at the time of the sighting. The lowest cloud layer was at 2,900 feet.

Comments Received September 11, 2011: (London, Ontario, Canada - Sep. 9, 2011 - 10:30 PM EDT) I was out having a campfire in our yard. I looked over to my southwest because I thought I had seen a plane turning on it's headlight to make an approach to London Airport. I realized very quickly this was not so. This object was bright orange. It was hard to tell how far away it was, but I did think it was a plane. Anyway i walked over to my south to get a better view and we watched it rotate to the left and then it was gone. It was like the lights shut off. They were just gone. That was no plane. I don't know what it was. I wish I could see it again.

Comments Received September 11, 2011: (Livonia, Michigan - Sep. 9, 2011 - 9:15 PM EDT) Upon hearing a noise outside on the deck and going to investigate I noticed a rather large amber/orange glow in the sky moving roughly east-northeast at a constant, moderate speed. I called to my wife to come see it, which she did and commented that it looked 'weird,' but that was about all. It seemed to bank to the north and then either dimmed out or went behind the clouds. It was hard to tell. Moments later 2 more similar orange glows came from the same direction and headed the same bearing. They both seemed to dim or go behind clouds, but at slightly different positions and rates. We are used to seeing planes in all directions and elevations since we are close to the flight paths of Detroit metro as well as helicopters for news and medical. These objects did not move in the same manner nor have the usual light patterns. For as seemingly close as they were they made no noticeable engine noise.

Comments Received September 11, 2011: (Barrie, Ontario, Canada - Sep. 9, 2011 - 10 PM EDT) We saw exactly the same thing. We had clear sky here and a fireball like object came from the east, slowed down to a stop briefly and then took off directly up and the light went out.

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